Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's the TOP reason you're not confident?

Don't ask, but I seem to have become addicted to America's Next Top Model (cycle 15, on Fox).

They're down to the final two contestants - Chelsey (experienced, self-assured, determined) and Ann - pictured above (awkward, gangly and a self-confessed nerd).

Whenever there's a hint of having to act dramatically in an upcoming shoot, do something sexy or anything outside her comfort zone, Ann shrinks into a quivering mess and feels sick with nerves.

Even so, she goes on to win the series convincingly because, right when it's needed, she absolutely shines.

Start today

Have you ever sat on your lounge, feeling nervous and unsure - thinking 'I don't have the confidence to do it!' (I don't mean enter a top modelling competition necessarily - something a little closer to home).

There's a reason you don't feel strong enough.  Confidence only shows up right when we need it.

It's not required while we're reclining safely on the lounge in track pants and ughs, with a cup of tea.

It's needed the second we walk out onto that stage, step in front of that podium, enter that job interview, jump off that bungee platform or walk down that aisle.

The only way to find confidence is to DO the very thing that you're afraid of.  Imagine the possibilities then.

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