Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mid 30's Crisis

A study released last week declared that the 30s are the new 40s when it comes to having a mid-life crisis.

If you haven't made good headway to the top of your chosen career by your mid-30s, it seems you're unlikely to get there. When you mix that sense of not having a 'brilliant career' with a cocktail of demanding (yet lovable) kids (or an unmet desire for them), large mortgages, ageing parents and time-poor relationships - it's no wonder so many people are quietly wishing there was 'more to life'...

Start today

Feelings of disappointment, depression and helplessness often stem from a sense of lack of choice. It's common to feel trapped by the decisions we made in our twenties, and to feel that we have 'made our bed, now we have to lie in it'.

If you're feeling the pressure of 'mid life' (at any age) it's time, not for a crisis, but for a 'review'.

What choices do you have, even if they are difficult choices to make? Most things are not set in stone - we just perceive them to be.